Structure & Support

Setup for Success

We want you to be successful at implementing the KITS Program with high fidelity! At OSLC, we have had lots of experience working with partners such as schools, community agencies and child welfare systems to get programs up and running. We have found that the best way to approach this is through a four-part strategy that involves: readiness, training, coaching and certification.


In this phase, we help you to assess whether you have the resources needed to implement the KITS Program. We recognize how important it is to have administrator, staff and other stakeholder buy-in for a program. We can meet with administrators, staff, Board members, parents and other stakeholders to present the KITS Program and answer questions. Additionally, we can consult with you as you begin to hire staff and organize facilities, transportation and supplies for the program.


We will train your staff in the KITS curriculum and teaching strategies during a training workshop which lasts 35-40 hours. KITS is more than a curriculum; it is an evidence-based system for teaching and changing behavior. Your staff will learn how to positively manage and change children’s behaviors so that the children will have the best chance for success in the kindergarten classroom. Some of the sessions involve the whole team and some are separate breakout sessions for school readiness group teachers and parent group facilitators, respectively.


The training workshop is the first step in learning to administer the KITS Program. As with so many other skills, practice helps build proficiency in the KITS curriculum and teaching techniques. Studies have shown that coaching can help learners implement interventions more effectively and efficiently than single training sessions. Your staff will have a KITS coach who will help them continue to develop and build their skills in the KITS model. The coach will review video recordings of your groups, sit in on clinical meetings, assist with developing and matching interventions to specific children in the groups, and provide feedback and support on every aspect of the KITS Program.


Our ultimate goal is to allow you to be able to train your own staff and run the KITS program within your organization with high fidelity. We will work with you to have members of your staff certified as KITS providers (teachers and facilitators) and KITS trainers. For teachers and facilitators, this will mean that they have conducted multiple school readiness or parent groups with high fidelity. For trainers, this means that they will have worked alongside one of our coaches to train and supervise a team. They also must show fidelity to the KITS curriculum and teaching techniques. Our trainers and coaches will conduct periodic checks to ensure that the KITS teams are continuing to show high fidelity.