KITS Rocks!!

KITS Rocks!!

Spring is MARCHing our way!  Flowers begin to emerge, we get to plan and start our gardens, the sun begins to warm our skin, and we awake from our winter hibernation.  Planning an outside adventure is a fabulous way to celebrate the newness of the season!

KITS ROCKS is the perfect adventure for this celebration!  All you need is a list of the parks as they are released, a map (if you are unsure where the parks are located), some curiosity, and the spirit of a treasure hunter.

For your family’s fun-filled enjoyment KITS has planted groovy, inspirational, hand painted rocks in parks across Lane County.  Each week in March we will feature a park in Lane County that has these hidden treasures carefully placed.  And for a Bonus Round we will feature a new park every day during Spring Break, March 23-29.  You will know they are KITS rocks because they will have @KITSPrograms on the back.

“What to do?!?”, you ask

  • Check in below to find out what new park has been added every Friday March  8th, 15th, and 22nd.
  • For the Spring Break Bonus Round check here daily March 23-29.
  • Search the park thoroughly when you arrive. Unless the squirrels carry the rocks away, you will find them!
  • Take a selfie with the rock.
  • And enter to win prizes by sharing it with us!
    • Post to Instagram and tag @KITSPrograms If your Instagram profile is set to private we will not be notified! If so, direct message us
    • Or post to Facebook and tag @KidsInTransitionToSchool
    • Or email us directly
      …and let us know if it’s ok to post your rock photo to social media (we will enter you in the drawing either way)
  • Then…. leave the rocks for the next treasure hunters to find.

KITS will post a weekly shout out to our treasure hunters who have posted their awesome, rock selfies and mentioned us @KITSPrograms.

Anyone who posts a rock selfie on Instagram or Facebook will also be entered into a drawing to win prizes, like tickets for laser tag or to DEFY Eugene Extreme Air Sports.

The biggest bonus is that you can claim this adventure anytime because we are going to leave the rocks in the parks!  When your treasure hunt leads you to the rocks six months or a year from now, take a selfie, and mention us @KITSPrograms on Instagram.  We will be watching for you!

To see the full schedule of parks and when to expect KITS rocks to appear, click here: Park Schedule for KITS Rocks Spring 2019. Remember, rocks won’t be placed in a park until the day the search is supposed to start for that park.

Let the KITS rock hunt begin!

A new park for every day of spring break!

Monday, March 25:

Tuesday, March 26:

Wednesday, March 27:

Thursday, March 28:

Friday, March 29:



















Thank you Putters!

We can hardly wait to see who will win your laser tag passes.

Putters family entertainment logo

And thank you also to DEFY Eugene Extreme Air Sports! Check out this exciting video to see what else you might win passes to when you find a KITS rock!

Header Image and amazing DEFY video: Blue Moose Graphics

Tish Bixby-Campbell
Tish began working for KITS in 2011 as a Parent Group Facilitator. Currently, she is a KITS Coach and works on the marketing team. Tish enjoys contributing to the improvement of families lives and giving kids the opportunity to develop skills that will cause them to thrive throughout their lives.


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