GIVE in 2018 For Change in 2019!

GIVE in 2018 For Change in 2019!

Alzada had no preschool experience. Kindergarten had not really been on the mind of her young single dad, Joshua. He worked long hours just to support his little girl and preparing Alzada for kindergarten was not something he had time to consider. He found himself worried. What would Alzada do in the classroom when asked to switch from doing a fun activity to something less fun? Would a tantrum ensue? What about her math skills? He was unsure about how to teach Alzada anything about math. How would he keep her on a morning schedule? The first day of kindergarten was looming and his worry wasn’t going away.

Alzada’s dad heard about Kids In Transition to School (KITS) at the kindergarten info night where the teachers said they can always tell who the KITS kids are on the first day of school.  Little Alzada,“the light of his life,” needed to have a chance to shine. Joshua not only signed his daughter up, he signed himself up for the parent group as well. Alzada learned new skills like how to interact well with other kids and adults, staying on schedule, and transitioning between activities. While she was busy learning how to succeed in kindergarten, Dad was learning some new skills that made supporting Alzada so much easier. Skills like how to establish routines, teaching basic math concepts, and setting boundaries. Most of all, the communication between him and Alzada improved!

Alzada became one of those kids that the teachers described as a KITS kid!

In 2019. KITS anticipates growing and serving another 500 kids across Oregon. To accomplish this goal, we need you! Your year-end gift will revolutionize the lives of more kids like Alzada across Oregon!

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Tish Bixby-Campbell
Tish began working for KITS in 2011 as a Parent Group Facilitator. Currently, she is a KITS Coach and works on the marketing team. Tish enjoys contributing to the improvement of families lives and giving kids the opportunity to develop skills that will cause them to thrive throughout their lives.


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