Drawing Halloween for Family Fun!

Drawing Halloween for Family Fun!

Halloween is coming…And whether you and your kids like the spooky, scary side of Halloween or the silly, whimsical side, the weeks leading up to it can be a lot of fun. In July, we talked about how being creative and exploring drawing and painting can help kids build school skills and self-confidence as well as just have fun! One cool thing that a lot of artists do in October is to complete a drawing challenge- they do a drawing (or painting or photo) every day following a prompt with a Halloween theme (like “vampire).   This is called Drawlloween, Inktober, or sometimes Artober.

We thought it would be fun to suggest some prompts for you and your kids so that you can be creative in October, too! Some drawing challenges have a different prompt every day. That can be a lot to do, so we thought we would give you a few prompts for the next few weeks.

You can any kind of art to respond to the prompts. Draw pictures with crayons, markers, or colored pencils. Paint.  Make sculptures out of Playdoh. Use leaves to make pictures.  Use sidewalk chalk outside. The sky is the limit!

Maybe you want to see who can draw the creepiest bat or the most fashionable witch’s hat.  See who can draw the fastest or who can use the most colors. Your finished product doesn’t need to be perfect. The most important part of this activity is to have fun!

And if you do this activity and post it to social media, please tag us, so we can see what you did!

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Katherine Pears
Dr. Katherine Pears is a senior scientist at Oregon Social Learning Center (OSLC). She earned her Ph.D in clinical psychology and has worked with OSLC since 1998. Katherine is the principal investigator and co-developer of the Kids In Transition to Schools (KITS) program. Currently, she oversees all the clinical and research activities for KITS. When she’s not in her office, you’ll find Katherine in the kitchen whipping up her latest creation or outdoors hiking a scenic trail.


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