What people say about KITS-original version

What parents say....

“My child would carry the skills from group home such as being a good sport and encouraging others.  Also doing the homework helped him gain confidence and we established a routine before school started.  He used to have a hard time communicating, not anymore and he’ll answer questions from adults now without muttering.”

“This group is very beneficial regardless of where your child is socially, academically, or emotionally.  They grow and learn so much as well as the parents.”

“Parent group was a great way to give and receive ideas to help us in certain situations.  KITS group was wonderful, a great way to prepare kids for kindergarten and it’s fun.”

“My child has mild autism so I felt KITS was an amazing help.  It gave him lots of practice on routines and homework and social interactions with typical peers.  The parent group was great too.  It was so nice to hear from different parents’ perspectives and getting some new ideas or goals to try with both of my kids.”

“What an amazing resource KITS has proven to be.  After a difficult time in preschool, I was very concerned that my son would struggle in elementary school.  During the few short months we were involved in KITS, I have witnessed a dramatic improvement in both his social and academic skills.  As a parent I received support and guidance, new tools and skills for this transition and for building a strong foundation for the years to come.  Thank you!  Thank you!”

What educators say...


Creslane Elementary School KITS Team on the difference that the KITS Program made for them:

Staff predict that students who attended this summer will become leaders in their kindergarten classes this fall. Students are demonstrating the emotional self-regulation and social skills that are important to school success. They are sharing, taking turns, transitioning between activities, participating in groups and making friends. During a recent KITS session, we heard our students make the following comments that illustrate their understanding of school norms, “How abut we do it together?” “Do you want to come sit by me?” “Good job coloring,” “We’re sharing,” “Can you please help me?” and “I’m giving you a high five.” In addition, entry level academic skills have been strengthened. Our students are moving from the emerging level of number and letter identification to the mastery level due to additional practice and instruction this summer. KITS participation has set up our students to be confident helpers and leaders in their kinder classrooms during the upcoming school year.

Teachers have become learners, too. As one staff person described it, “KITS has built up my stamina for noticing and delivering positives to students, and this will carry over into my fall teaching.” In addition, staff training and coaching from the Oregon Social Learning Center has assisted the Creswell Team to make improve their instructional pacing and delivery. The Team notes that their advanced knowledge of KITS students will assist the school’s Kindergarten staff to more effectively teach and support these students in the fall. While one student may need a verbal prompt to wait for a turn, another student has already mastered this skill. The Team plans on sharing such tips about what works with each student when school staff return in September.  Finally, forming strong, positive and early relationships with the parents of KITS students have enabled staff to communicate more effectively about school goals and expectations and to answer parent questions and address concerns in a comprehensive and individualized manner.

Parents have also finished their summer KITS participation with tips and insights that they would not ordinarily have acquired. During parent meetings, participants have developed a sense of community as they got to know each other. Parents have shared resources and ideas, such as tips on parenting and when a local store has backpacks on sale. They have learned how to support their child during the kindergarten year, who to contact for assistance with questions, and what are typical classroom expectations. Parent connections are now so solid that staff will be continuing to facilitate a regular meeting with this group of parents throughout the school year after the KITS program has concluded.

One of our Team summed it up for everyone when she declared, “Because of KITS, we are all starting the school year in a stronger place.”