Tish Bixby-Campbell

Tish Bixby-Campbell

Tish began working for KITS in 2011 as a Parent Group Facilitator.  Currently, she is a KITS Coach and works on the marketing team. Tish enjoys contributing to the improvement of families lives and giving kids the opportunity to develop skills that will cause them to thrive throughout their lives.

In her free time Tish enjoys many creative expressions and being with family and friends, but mostly with her grandkids!

What does Tish think about the KITS program? 

KITS is an innovative and comprehensive program that wraps it arms around the whole family in an effort to make sure every kid gets their moment to shine!  It’s so fun to witness KITS kids and their families building skills that will carry them through a lifetime.

What’s her favorite children’s book?

“It’s hard to choose a favorite.  I have made sure that all of my grands have had Goodnight Moon and Guess How Much I Love You in their kid book libraries.”