Emily Peterson

Emily Peterson

Emily Peterson has worked at OSLC since 2011. Currently, she is the Co-Clinical Directorfor the KITS program. Emily provides clinical supervision to KITS teams, lead teaches for school readiness groups, and consults for the implementation of school readiness intervention.

Emily found her love for working with children and families at a very young age. She has interned at elementary schools and DHS, training with children in the foster care system prior to coming to OSLC. She recently earned her Master’s degree in Social Work.

In her free time, Emily enjoys a good laugh, game nights, food and taking walks with her two dachshunds.

What does Emily think about the KITS program?

“KITS is an incredible program that builds upon the strengths of the children and families to start school being excited and having the tools to succeed. It is always so inspiring to see how much the children learn and grow into themselves throughout the program ready to enter their first year of school.”

What’s her favorite children’s book?

“I loved all books as a child especially Clifford, Amelia Bedelia and Roald Dahl.”