5 Jokes and 7 Skills for Earth Day That Will Make Everyone Smile!

5 Jokes and 7 Skills for Earth Day That Will Make Everyone Smile!

All nature wears one universal grin.

Henry Fielding, (1707-1754)

Laughter is a necessity for a healthy body and life.  Kids love to make others smile and laugh.  Let the giggles ensue by teaching them these 5 jokes for Earth Day:

  • How can you tell the ocean is friendly? — It waves.
  • What did the tree wear to the pool party? — Swimming trunks.
  • What kind of plant grows on your hand? — Palm tree.
  • What is a tree’s least favorite month? — Sep-timber!
  • Why did the leaf go to the doctor? — It was feeling green.

One touch of nature makes the whole world kin.

William Shakespeare (1564-1616)


Build these 7 skills as a launch pad from which kids can change their planet!  Kids are the next great caretakers of Mother Earth and her universe.  Teach them how to cultivate the touch of nature.

  • Choose one child to be the mayor of recycling! Set up easy to use bins for cans, bottles, and newspapers/other paper. They get to distribute the recycling and/or make sure it is all placed in the correct bin.
  • Plant native wildflowers or plants in your yard, neighborhood, or at your school. Kids will feel invested in their surroundings when they see their flowers and plants come to life in the spring. Fabulous bonus: native wildlife will thrive in their familiar surroundings.
  • Take turns being the light monitor, water faucet manager, or door keeper. Create an “Energy Challenge” between kids and adults with a score board on the fridge. Kids love to “beat the parents”!
  • Clean up trash in your neighborhood or community. Grab a garbage bag and gloves before heading out for a family walk or bike ride. Encourage kids to envision themselves as caretakers for their community by spying litter beside the road and picking it up. Be sure to take a minute to recognize how beautiful the area looks when it is clean.
  • Donating gently used clothes, toys, or household goods is recycling and reusing. Kids can join in when you take these goods to a local charity. They can even decide which toys they don’t play with anymore and put them in the box!
  • Walk or ride bikes as often as possible. Kids love the activity and you get to teach them about the world around them and saving energy.
  • Keep teaching our growing generations about Mother Earth and how to keep her healthy.



Image: © Yarruta | Dreamstime.com

Tish Bixby-Campbell
Tish began working for KITS in 2011 as a Parent Group Facilitator. Currently, she is a KITS Coach and works on the marketing team. Tish enjoys contributing to the improvement of families lives and giving kids the opportunity to develop skills that will cause them to thrive throughout their lives.


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